Hey, I’m Eb!

Digital Nomad | Traveller | Aussie Expat

I’d moved house growing up over 70 times by the time I turned 18. So me ending up a travelling nomad is not really a surprise to many. I think I was definitely destined for the nomadic life. 

I run my lovely purple digital agency Eb + Flo Digital and travel the world while doing so. 

This means I’ve been able to see a lot more of the world than a lot of people. There is nothing I love more than sharing travel stories and I get asked for advice on countries, travel tricks and everything in-between a lot, so here we are. 

I love writing but am no means an expert, so consider this my first attempt at blogging!

First Country Travelled to: Japan, 2008

Weirdest Travel Story: China 2012 (Involves police, tandem bikes and a costume party, maybe better you don’t ask)

Dying to travel to: Iceland & Antarctica (2004 maybe!)

Countries Travelled to: 31 (follow along here!)